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Scalp Massager Brush
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Scalp Massager Shampoo Hair Brush

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Scalp Massager Shampoo Hair Brush is hands down our favorite bueno hair tool! The brushes super-soft silicone bristles gently massage and deep cleanse your scalp as you shampoo and condition your hair making your shower cleansing experience pure bliss.

Just do some Mr. Miyagi circles with the ergonomically designed brush (actually moving up and down is slightly better than a circular motion). Unlike your fingers, the bristles will be able to get down and deep to clean the hair roots, dislodge any dirt, and relax your dome galore. Your hair and scalp will be left cleaner and happier like never before. If you like a back massage, you’ll definitely like a scalp massage!

Giving yourself a daily scalp hair massage not only feels awesome, but also provides a variety of therapeutic functions for your hair and scalp. These benefits include increasing blood flow to your hair follicles which helps promotes hair growth, reduce scalp itch, and comfortably exfoliate dead skin which helps eliminate dandruff. If you have dandruff, eczema, and/or seborrheic dermatitis, grabbing this tool could be a hair-saver.

And, while you’re at it, you might just want to keep an extra massager near your coffee table. After a long day of work, your brain is fried and you will love massaging your head while watching the tube.

The brush makes for a great gift and is a sweet stocking stuffer too!

Scalp Massager Shampoo Hair Brush @ a Glance:

Size: 9.5 x 8.0 x 7.3 cm

Material: Soft silicone rubber tips + sturdy plastic handle

Color: Black

Directions: Apply shampoo to your scalp as normal. Hold the massager in your palm using the handle and slowly massage the shampoo brush over your entire scalp in an up and down motion. Use as much or as little pressure as you like.

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*Pete & Pedro is a leading men's grooming co. and the operator and sister company of Stubble Buddy. The product listed here is a Pete & Pedro product. Please note all Stubble Buddy orders and invoices will be fulfilled by Pete & Pedro. 

Why Stubble Buddy?

SPEEDY CLEAN UP: Clean up stubble, facial & body hair from your trimmer or razor in seconds.

RELATIONSHIP SAVER: Nobody likes looking or cleaning other people's hairy mess. Be a good partner!

MANSCAPING MADE EASY: No more clogged sinks, no more hovering over the toilet. Just trim away, and let Stubble Buddy take care of the mess.

SLICK DESIGN: Small design for easy storage and fits in the palm of your hand.

Stubble Buddy Steps In 1, 2, 3.

The simplest stubble clean-up solution ever!

1. Make sure the sink is dry and the surface is flat for best results, then trim that legendary beard or manscape.

2. Turn on the Stubble Buddy™ and quickly clean up the mess whether on the counter, floor, or sink.

3. Turn off the Stubble Buddy™, open it, and empty the vacuumed hairs into the trash.

Goodbye mess, hello clean bathroom!


Size: 3.1 x 3.1 x 2.4 inches

Color: Black

Voltage: 3 Volts

Motor: Up To 9000 RPM

Power: USB Rechargeable

Batteries: No batteries needed! (USB)

Charge Time: 2 Hours

Working Time: 40 Minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see the answer to your question below? Drop us an email and we will get back to you right away!

Q: What's the best way to use the Stubble Buddy?

A: We recommend using the stubble buddy on a dry surface (sink/floor/tub/counter, etc.) for peak performance. It is also most effective on flat surfaces.  Don't go for big clumps of hair as it is designed for smaller trimmings. Clean & empty the Stubble Buddy regularly to ensure it's working optimally every time.  

Q: Why is my billing statement coming from Pete & Pedro Men's Grooming Co. and not Stubble Buddy?

A: The Stubble Buddy is a sister company of Pete & Pedro. Pete & Pedro will both fulfill your order and be the name on your payment statement. This is completely normal and you will receive no additional charges from the Stubble Buddy. 

Q: What is included with my Stubble Buddy?

A: Included in the box with the Stubble Buddy is a usb charging cord for fast and easy charging, and a specialized brush for brushing out hairs that my fall where the Stubble Buddy doesn't fit.

Q: Does Stubble Buddy need batteries and what is the best way to charge it?

A: NO BATTERIES NEEDED! The Stubble Buddy is USB rechargeable. Just plug it in and let it go. One full charge can last up to 3 months.

Q: I wet shave with a shaving razor, so my hair and sink will be wet, will The Stubble Buddy work?

A: We do not recommend using it on a wet surface. It will work but not nearly as effectively as on a dry surface. For best results use an electric trimmer or any tool over a dry surface, then grab the Stubble Buddy.

Q: If I grow my beard out, then use a trimmer to cut it short every month or so, will The Stubble Buddy pick up that much hair?

A: The Stubble Buddy is designed to pick up regular maintenance hair trimmings. It will work on larger hair clumps, but may require emptying it once or twice depending on the amount of hair. Very large clumps may also clog the brushes. We recommend to pick the clumps up and throw them out first, then use The Stubble Buddy to clean up the remaining hard to clean trimmings! 

Q: How do I know if the Stubble Buddy is full?

A: We recommend emptying out the Stubble Buddy after each use. If it is too full, it will not vacuum as well and will make a higher pitched noise. Simply empty the collection tray into the trash and vacuum away again!

Q: What about my hairs that are hard to reach right around the faucet handles?

A: The Stubble Buddy is best used on flat, dry surfaces. If it is at a ridiculous angle or too small of an area to get into it won't suck up the hair. It does come with its own special brush though that is perfect for sweeping the hair out of those hard to reach areas.

Customer Reviews

Based on 228 reviews
Django M.
Great scalp massager. Scalps feel

Great scalp massager. Scalps feel squeaky clean after using it and I can quite literally hear a squeaking noise. Much better than using my hands and fingers.

Miguel P.
Gets the job done!

Gets the job done!

Jeffrey S.
Yep, you need this, you just don't know it yet

Just got this to try... Didn't know what to expect. I love it. Feels so good on the scLp and you know your getting a good cleaning and a scalp massage. I'm Totaly attached.

Richard H.
Good product, more comfortable for longer hair

Not a bad product. I enjoy using the product, however I prefer a short haircut (high and tight with a 2 on the side 3 on the top). It is actually very relaxing when I'm due for a haircut but once I have a fresh cut I feel it's a little rough but none the less I feel it does its job of deep cleaning the scalp. Overall I'm very satisfied and will continue using the product.

Michael E.
Feels great!

I really like the feel of it and how it massages my scalp and gets deep into my hair!